SESSION 2017-18
The following teachers and staff members are hereby assigned the duties/responsibilities mentioned against their names for compliance w.e.f. 01.04.17 for the smooth functioning of the Vidyalaya.



Sr. No.

Dept/Stock/Duties /Responsibilities

Name with designation

Scope of work



Overall Incharge





a)      Secondary

    Mrs Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)

Look after academic as well as disciplinary aspects of vidyalaya



b)      Primary

    Mrs. Mona Walter HM

Look after academic as well as diciplinary aspects of primary wing.



Academic Advisory Committee

1    Mr. Arun Yadav , PGT (Eng)– I/C

Ensure timely completion of syllabus and different activities. Ensuring proper follow up in the academic calendar. Monitoring pace of classwork and homework. Suggestion of innovative ideas in academic.


2    Mrs Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)


3    Mr.Sanjay Jhaveri PGT (Comp Sci.)


4    Mr. R. V. Meena, PGT(Chem.)


5    Dr. B. K. Yadav, TGT (Eng)


6    Mrs. Mona Walter HM


7    Mrs. Monica Parmar, PRT




a). VMC/VEC Co-ordination

1.  Mr. R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)

Prepare calendar, keep ready all records, Prepare minutes


2.  B. K. Yadav, TGT (Eng)



b). PTA

1.   Mr. M.R.Parmar PGT (Commerce)- I/C

Preparation of PTA program, Prepare minutes, record, parent's visit. Suggest help from parents in vidyalaya works activities.


2   Dr. B. K. Yadav, TGT (Eng)


3.   Mrs. Mona Walter HM


4 . Mrs. Neelima Shrivastava TGT (SST)





1.  Mr. R. V. Meena, PGT(Chemistry)- I/C

Prepare calendar for the activity, keep record of admission guideline, keep the administration abreast with latest information of admission, maintenance of RTE 2009 admission records.


2. Mrs. Neelima Shrivastava TGT (SST)


3. Mrs. Mona Walter HM


4. Mrs. Darshana Gatne TGT -ENG


5.   Mr. Kiran Patel, PRT


6.  Mr.Yogesh Banawali PRT




1 .Mr.Sanjay Jhaveri PGT (Comp Sci.)

Keep records of the computer labs ready for inspection, provide facility for official works, prepare plan for computer education to all the children of the vidyalaya


2   Mrs. Neelima Srivastava, TGT(So. Sci.)


3.   Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)







a. Primary

1.   Mrs. Meenakshi Joshi– I/C

Keep records ready of all examination, records of all examination rules, prepare calendar for the examination of all classes. Ensure fair distribution of examination work among staff members.


2.   Mrs. Monica Parmar, PRT


3.   Mr.Anil Jethwa, Sub. Staff



b. Secondary

1.  Mr. Arun Yadav, PGT(English.) - I/C


2.   Mrs. Darshna Gatne, TGT(English)


3.   Mrs. Sangeeta Niranjan, Librarian


4    Mr.B.S.Shekhawat TGT (P & HE)


5. Mrs.Sarika Yadav TGT (Maths)


6.   Mr. J. R. Yadav, Sub_Staff


7.   Mr. M. M. Solanki, Sub_Staff




1. Mr. Sanjay  Jhaveri, PGT (Comp. Sci.) I/C

Entertain & ensure the implementation of all CBSE guidelines students registration on CBSE website, collection of CBSE fees, uploading of results of CBSE websites.




2. Mrs. Neelima Shrivastava, Co-ordinator


3                                             TGT (Maths)


4. Mrs. Sweta Dadheech, TGT(Maths)



Time Table




a. Primary

 1. Mrs. Mr. Govind M., PRT(Music) –I/C

Prepare time table as per KVS schedule and ensure of proper note down absentees early in the morning and make their arrangement. Ensure no clash in Time-Table. Maintain work culture of balanced work-load.


 2. Mrs. Urmila Rohit,  PRT


 3. Ms. Dipti Rathod, PRT


b. Daily Arrangement Primary

 1. Ms. Dipti Rathod PRT – I/C


 2. Mr. Govind Makwana,  PRT (Music) .




c. Secondary

1.  Mr. M. R. Parmar, PGT(Comm.) – I/C


2. Mr.Rakesh Kumar PGT (Physics)


3. Mrs. Darshna Gatne, TGT(English)


4. Mrs. Rekha Dinkar, TGT(Hindi)


5   Mrs. Neelima Shrivastava TGT (SST)





1. Mrs. Neelima Shrivastava TGT (SST)   I/C




d.Daily Arrangment

2  Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)




3  Mrs.Dimple Solanki TGT (ART)




4. Mrs.Sangeeta N (Lib.)










Class Supervision



1. Classes  I - V

    Mrs. Mona Walter, HM

Daily observation two teachers classes providing all logistical supports for teaching activity, guiding and suggesting new programme. Giving clear -cut guidelines of teaching methodology.


2. Classes 
VI - X

 1. Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)


 2. Mr.M.R.Parmar PGT(Commerce)


 3. Mr. Arun Yadav, PGT(English)



Transport Arrangement & Information

1. Dr.B.K.Yadav TGT (English)  – I/C

Prepare calendar for excursion and arranging transport.


2. Mr. Govind M., PRT (Music)


3. Ms. Dipti Rathod, PRT


4. Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)


5.Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)



Garden Development / Maintenance / Beautification

1. Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)

Monitoring of the garden on day to day basis and making it centre of natural learning arranging its beautification. Giving a new look to its beauty.


2. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


3. Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)


4. Mrs. Neelima Shrivastava TGT (SST)


5.   Mrs. Dimple Solanki, TGT(Art)


6.    Mr. J. R. Yadav, Sub_Staff



Cleanliness / Daily Upkeep

1. Mrs. Bharti Sharma PGT(HINDI)  I/C

Daily monitoring of upkeep of vidyalaya campus, suggesting certain areas which require beautification and cleanliness. Getting work done from sub-staff and out-sourcing agency.


2.   Mrs. Rekha Dinkar TGT (Hindi) Co-ordinator 1st floor


3.   Mrs. Sangeeta N., Librarian 1st floor


4.   Mr. Kirankumar Patel, PRT Co-ordinator, ground floor


5. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


6. Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)


7. MR.M.L.Meena PGT (Bio.)


8.   Mrs. Dipti Rathod, PRT. Co-ordinator, ground floor


9.   Mr. P.K. Harijan Sub. Staff


10.   Mr. M. M. Rathod, Sub. Staff


11. Mr. A. R. Jethwa, Sub Staff


12. Mr. K. G. Tadvi, Sub Staff


13. Mr. M. M. Solanki, Sub Staff


14. Mr. J. R. Yadav, Sub Staff







a. Primary

1.   Mrs. Mona Walter, I/C HM

To enforce discipline in the campus, guiding the teachers about discipline in the children maintaining record of indiscipline inculcating the values of discipline and belongingness of the vidyalaya among children, interacting with the parents of problems generating children. Detect out cases of indiscipline and maintain record. implementing counselling methods.


2.   Mrs. Mrs. Monica Parmar, PRT


3.   Mr. Kiran Patel, PRT


4.   Dr.Kanti Yadav PRT



b. Secondary

1.   Mr. Arun Yadav PGT (English) – I/C


2.   Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT (Hindi)


3.Mr.R.V.Meena PGT (Chemistry0


4. Mr.M.R.Parmar PGT (Commerce)


5. Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)


6.  Dr. B. K. Yadav, TGT (Eng.)


7.  Mrs. Neelima  S. TGT(So. Sci.)


8.  Mrs. Sangeeta N, Lib.



M & R Committee

1.   Mr.M.R.Parmar PGT (Commerce) I/c

Maintaining the beauty of vidyalaya campus, monitoring the maintenance of all the equipments and logistic of the vidyalaya, monitoring the repair work affectively, efficiently and economically. Detect out any lacunae which can cause of untoward happening.


2. Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)


3. Mr. R. V. Meena, PGT(Chemistry)


4. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


5. Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)


6. Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)


7. Mr.Kiran Patel PRT


8. Mr.B.K.Yadav TGT (English)


9.   Mrs. Neelima S. TGT (So.Sci.)


10. Mrs.Mona Walter PRT


11. Mrs. Meenakshi Joshi, PRT


12. Mr. M.M. Rathod, Sub-Staff



Adventure / Trekking / Excursion

1.   Mr.B.K.Yadav TGT (English)  I/C

Preparing calendar of adventures activity and arranging excursion programs in consultation of academic committee.


2.   Mr. R. V. Meena, PGT (Chem)


3.   Mrs. Darshna Gatne, TGT (Eng)


4.   Dr. (Mrs.) Kanti Yadav, PRT


5. Mrs. Dipti Rathod, PRT



Pupils Society Welfares, (Prizes, Certificates, Sweets etc.)       

1.                                                            PGT(Economics)    I/C

Arrangement of prizes certificates sweets etc in consultation with different incharges of different activities. Prizes of proper quality and fair process.


2.   Mrs. Darshna Gatne, TGT(English)


3.Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)


4.   Mr. Arun Yadav,  PGT (Eng.)


5.  Dr. B.K. Yadav, TGT (Eng)  I/c                                                                     


6.   Mrs. Mona Walter, HM


7   Mrs.Dipti Rathod, PRT


8.   Mr. A. Khan, UDC



Staff Quarters

1.  Mr. M. L. Meena, PGT(Biology)     I/C

Maintenance and repair of staff quarters.


2. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


3.  Mrs. Sangeeta Niranjan, Librarian


4.  Mr. Bhawani Singh Shekhawat, TGT(P&HE)


5.  Mr. M. M. Rathod, Sub. Staff


6. Mr. P. K. Harijan, Sub Staff



Website  (English version) updating

1. Mr. Sanjay Jhaveri PGT(Comp. Sci.)– I/C

Maintenance and checking website, new beautification of website, updating of website. Current news and periodical up gradation.


On weekly basis

2.   Mrs. Neelima S. TGT (So. Sci.)



3. Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)



4.   Mrs. Urmila Rohit, PRT



( Hindi  version)  updating

1.  Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)                        I/C


2. Mrs. Rekha Dinkar TGT (Hindi)


3. Mrs. Vatsala Agnihotri, TGT(Skrt)


4.  Mr. Govind Makwana, PRT (Music)



Condemnation  / Write Off

1.                             PGT(Eco)      I/C



2.  Mr. M. R. Parmar, PGT(Comm) - I/c

Preparation of the list of condemned articles from different in-charges. Compiling record of condemned articles.


3. Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)


4. MR. S.R. Jhaveri, PGT (Comp. Sci.)


5. Mrs. Neelima S. TGT (So. Sci.)


6. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


7. Mrs. Sangeeta N. (Lib.)


8.. Mr. A. Khan, U.D.C.



Human Resource development

1.  Mr. Sangeeta N, Librarian  -I/C

Arranging all various Olympiad examination, informing to the student about various examination schedule. Guiding the children about these examination.


2.  Mrs. Sarika Yadav, TGT(Maths)


3. Mrs. Neelima S. TGT (So.Sci.)


4. Mrs. Sweta Dadheech, TGT(Science)


5. Mrs. Niru Sangada, PRT




Literary & Library Club

1. Mr. Arun Yadav , PGT (Eng.)– I/C

Arranging various festivals establishing reading club./making brief information available to the children about great writers and great books. Inculcating the interest of children in literature and literary activities.


2. Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)


3. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


4.  Mrs. Darshna Gatne,  TGT (Eng.)


5.   Dr. B. K. Yadav,  TGT (Eng.)


6.  Mrs, Rekha Dinkar  TGT(Hindi)


7.  Mrs. Neelima S. TGT (So.Sci.)


8.  Mrs. Mona Walter,    PRT 



Games & Sports




A) .Primary

1. Mrs Kanti Yadav, PRT– I/C

Searching out sports talent from the children, arranging various kinds of sports activities preparing calendar of sports activity, inculcation sports values among the children. Preparing play ground guiding children about various rules of different games. Ensuring maximum participation.


2. Mr. Kiran Patel, PRT


3. Mrs. Neeru Sangad, PRT


4. Mr.Yogesh Banawali PRT



B) Secondary

1. Mr. Bhawani Singh Shekhawat         TGT(P&HE)                              I/C


2.   Mr. M. R. Parmar, PGT(Comm.)


3.   Dr. B. K. Yadav,  TGT (Eng.)


4. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


5. Mr.R.V.Meena PGT (Chemistry)


6. Mr.M.L.Meena PGT (Biology)




1.   Mrs. Bharti Sharm PGT(Hindi) – I/C

Organising various activity and enhance the use of Rajbhasha in vidyalaya working arranging seminars of Rajbhasha. Displaying work of great Hindi litterateur.


2. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


3.   Mrs. Vatsala Agnihotri, TGT(Skrt)


4.   Mrs. Rekha Dinkar TGT (Hindi)


5.   Dr. (Mrs). Kanti Yadav, PRT


6.   Mrs. Pushpa Bhama, PRT



Subject Committee Convener




a. Hindi, Sanskrit

   Mrs. Bharti Sharm PGT(Hindi) I/C

Preparation of calendar of various activities of the subject implementing innovating and practical ideas, arranging activity and project based teaching. Submission of monthly activities to principal.



b. English

    Mr. Arun Yadav , PGT (Eng)– I/C



c. Science

    Mr. R. V.Meena, PGT(Chem) – I/C



d. Maths

    Mr. N. M. Giri,  PGT(Maths), – I/C



e. So. Science

    Mr.                          PGT (Eco.) -  I/C



Co-curricular Activities / celebration & Morning Assembly 




A. Primary

1.      Mrs. Pushpa Bhama, PRT- Co-ordinator

Preparing the colander of CCA organising various activities of CCA timely and arranging various prizes and certificates of winner. Ensuring completion of CCA on part time prescribed in out KVS Calendar.




3. Mr. Yogesh Banawali, PRT


4. Mr,Urmila Rohit PRT


5 Mrs.Monica Parmar PRT



B. Secondary

1.    Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi) Co-ordinator CCA    I/C


2.  Dr. B. K. Yadav, TGT(English)


3. Mr. Arun Yadav, PGT(English)


4 MRS.  Vatsala A


5.  Mrs. Rekha Dinkar, TGT(Hindi)


6.     Mrs.Darshna Gatne, TGT(English)



    A. House System (Primary)






1. Dr.Kanti Yadav PRT – H. M.

Preparation of student council of house system, preparation calendar of the activities of house for the whole years, arranging inter and intra house competition.



2 .Mrs. Hetal Vania,PRT




1. Miss. Dipti Rathod, PRT – House Master



2. Mrs. Urmila Rohit, PRT




1. Mrs. Meenakshi Joshi



2.  Mrs. Neeru Sangada, PRT




1. Mrs. Monika G. Parmar, PRT  



2.  Mr.Kiran Patel PRT















   B. House System (Secondary)        





1. Mr. N. M. Giri, PGT(Maths)



2  Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)



3. Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)













1. Mr. R. V. Meena, PGT(Chemistry)



2. Mrs. Neelima S. TGT (So. Sci)



3 Mrs. Rekha Dinkar, TGT (Hindi)













1. Mr. Arun Yadav PGT (Eng)-



2.Mr. S.R. Jhaveri, PGT (Comp. Sci.)



3 Mrs. Sarika Yadav, TGT (Maths)



4. Mrs. Dimple Solanki, TGT (Art & E)


















1. Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)



2. Mr.Rakesh Kumar PGT (Physics)



3  Mr. M. L. Meena, PGT(Biology)


4. Mrs. Vatsala Agnihotri, TGT (Sanskrit)



5 Mrs. Sangeeta Niranjan Lib.



6. Mrs. Sweta Dadheech, TGT (Sci.)



7. Mrs.Sarika Yadav TGT (Maths)



National Adolescence Education Programme

1. Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)   I/C

Disseminating information to the adolescents about problem of adolescence. Explaining process of adolescence in human beings. Inculcating right attitude among adolescent.


2.   Mr. M. L. Meena, PGT(Bio)


3.Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


4.   Mrs. Neelima Srivastava, TGT(So. Sci.)


5.  Dr. B. K. Yadav, TGT(Eng.)


6. Mrs.Sangeets N (Lib.)



Guidance & Counseling

1.   Mr. R. V. Meena, PGT(Chem.)  –I/C

Guiding and counselling the children about various discipline rules and their follow up, counselling the children about their personal problems, academic as well as life related problems. Helping maladjusted children.


2.   Mrs. Rekha Dinkar, TGt (Hindi)


3.                             Counsellor part time.


4.   Mrs. Mona Walter HM


5. Mrs. Sangeeta Niranjan, Lib


6. Mrs. Neelima Srivastava, TGT(So. Sci.)


7. Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)



A) Grievance Cell

1.      Mrs. Bharti Sharma PGT (Hindi) I/C

Arranging monthly meeting to collect the grievances of the individuals and their timely redressal. Ensuring timely removal of vidyalaya related grievances.


2.   Mr. Arun Yadav, PGT(English)


3.      Mr. N. M. Giri, PGT(Maths)


4.      Mrs. D. Gatne TGT (English)


5.      Mr. A. Khan, UDC


6                        LDC



B) R.T.I.-2005

1.   Mr. Arun Yadav PGT (Eng)-

Proving information to the seekers as per RTI act 2005.


2.   Mrs. Darshna Gatne TGT (Eng)


3. Mrs. Rekha Dinkar, TGT(Hindi)


4. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)



Medical Check-up & First Aids




a). Primary

1.  Mrs. Mona Walter, HM

Organising medical camp in consultation with health authorities for medical check up.


2.  Mr. Govind Makwana, PRT(Music) –I/C


3.  Mrs. Neeru Sangada, PRT


4. Mr.Yogesh Banawali PRT



b). Secondary

1. Mr. Bhawani S., Shekhawat, TGT(P&HE)


2. Mr.M.L.Meena PGT (Bio.)


3. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


4. Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)



Students Fee Concession-

1.  Mr.Rakesh Kumar PGT(Physics– I/C               

CS 11 & CS 54 record appropriation, timely report of fee collection under various heads.


2. Mr.Sanjay Jhaveri PGT (Comp. Sci)


A) Single Girl child (Ist &VI onward),

1. Mr.Kiran Patel PRT




2.                               PGT (Eco.)



3. Mrs.Urmila Rohit, PRT


B) SC/ST, 

4.  Mrs. Dipti Rathod, PRT


C) Brother-Brother(IX onward), D)Economically poor boys

5. Mr. Govind Makwana, PRT(Music)






a. Science

1.  Mr. R.V.Meena , PGT(Chemistry)– I/C

To prepare a science corner and various scientific activities in the vidyalaya campus, getting resources from various agencies, and implementing the vidyalaya. Celebration of science day and events of scientific phenomena.


2.  Mr. M.L. Meena, PGT(Bio)


3. Mr.Rakesh Kumar PGT (Physics)


4.  Mr. S. R. Jhaveri, PGT(Comp Sci)


5. Mrs. Sweta Dadheech, TGT(Sci)



b. Eco & Nature

1.      Mr. M.L. Meena, PGT(Bio) I/C

Preparing a calendar for ecological activities. Making campus clean and green inculcation of natural values of environment among children. Assigning responsibility to children for maintain of ecological campus.


2.  Mrs. Sweta Dadheech, TGT(Sci) Coordinatior


3. Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)


4. Mr. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


5.      Mrs. N. Srivastava, TGT(So. Sci)


6.      Mrs.Niru Sangada, PRT


7.      Mrs. Dimple Solanki, TGT(Art)


8    Mrs. Sangeeta N, Librarian




1.      Mrs. Neelima S, TGT (So. Sci.)– I/C

Preparation of list of world heritage site of UNESCO, displaying in the campus for the knowledge of the children.


2.      Mr. S. R. Jhaveri, PGT (Comp. Sci.)


3. Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)



d. Mathematics Lab

1.      Mr. N.M. Giri, PGT(Maths) –Incharge

Preparation of calendar of various activities of Mathematics, arranging various AV/aids of mathematics. Organising of various kinds of math Olympiad.


2.   Mrs. Sarika Yadav, TGT(Maths)


3.      Mrs. Niru Sangada,  PRT


4.      Mrs. Monica Parmar PRT



SF/VVN (Cons. & Non Cons)

1.  Mrs. M. R. Parmar, PGT(Comm.) – I/C

Maintaining proper record of collection & expenses if /SF as well as /VVN. Justified, and legal use of SF & VVN


2.                                 PGT (Eco.)


3. Mrs.Sarika Yadav TGT(Maths)


4.  Mr. A. Khan, UDC



Model KV/ Audio Visual  Teaching Aids

1.   Mr. M. R. Parmar, PGT (Comm) - I/C

Procuring various kinds of AV aids to infuse dynamism of teaching learning process. Collecting demands of Audio visual from various department.


2.  Mr. S. R. Jhaveri, PGT (Comp. Sci.)


3. Dr.B.K.Yadav TGT (English)


4. Mr. Govind Makwana, PRT(Music)


5. Mr.  J.R. Yadav, Sub. Staff


6. Mr. M.M. Solanki, Sub. Staff




1. Mr.B.S.Shekhawat TGT (P & HE)

Maintaining proper record of the furniture of the vidyalaya , procuring demand of furniture of various departments, establishing the students of the furniture.


2. Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)


3. Dr.B.K.Yadav TGT (English)


5. Mr. A. R. Jetwah, Sub Staff


6. Mr. J. R. Yadav, Sub Staff



Chemistry Lab

 Mr. R. V.Meena, PGT(Chem)

Upkeep of lab and safety of children.



Biology Lab

 Mr. M.. L. Meena, PGT(Bio)



Physics Lab

Mr.Rakesh Kumar PGT (Physics)



SUPW Dept. & P.A. system

1.   Mr. Govind M., PRT(Music), I/C P. A.

Working of PA system properly & efficiently. Looking after electrical points of fixture of the vidyalaya. Finding out any lacunae of various electrical instrument. Assigning various project to the students of practical value.


2.Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


3.   Sh J.R. Yadav, Sub. Staff


4 Mr. M.M. Solanki, Sub. Staff     




     Mrs. Sangeeta N, Librarian

Ensuring availability of all books & periodical in organising reading club activities .




     Mr. Govind  Makwana, PRT(Music)
     Mrs.Urmila Rohit PRT
     Mrs.Monica Parmar PRT

Organising various musical programmes inculcating the musical sense among children. Maximum participation in musical activities. Imparting sophistication of musical sense in children. Teaching music in school in such a way that vidyalaya touches new pinnacle of glory in the filed of music.



Language Lab

1. Mr. Arun Yadav   PGT (Eng)  -I/C

Inculcation of linguistic culture in the vidyalaya record on imminent literature in the field of English & Hindi displaying of prominent work & brief biography of great writers in English and Hindi.


Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)



Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)



Mrs.Darshna Gatne TGT (English)



Mrs.Vatsala Agnihotri TGT (Sanskrit)




Social Science Dept

1.                          PGT(Eco.)             – I/C

Displaying of prominent part of  in dis-constitution & Indian national freedom movement in the vidyalaya campus. MOC parliament, displaying knowledge about great politician of the world. Display of prominent feature of annual financial budget.


2. Mrs. Neelima Shrivastava, TGT(SST)


3. Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT(SST)


4. Mrs. Mona Walter, PRT



Income Tax


Proper calculation of Income Tax of various employees and their timely guidelines. Tax related issues of various payment of the vidyalaya. Interacting with CA for fair evaluation of various kinds of taxes.


1 Mr. M.R.Parmar  PGT(Commerce)    


2.                                      PGT (ECO.) I/C


3 Mr. A. Khan, UDC   




1.Mr. Rakesh Kumar, PGT(Physics) I/c

Maintaining proper records of vidyalaya fees and other kind of receipts on UBI portal. Appropriation of the mount as per the student strength and other receipts.


2. Mr.Sanjay Jhaveri PGT (Comp. Sci)


3.Mr. Yogesh Banwali, PRT


4.Mr.M.R.Parmar PGT (Commerce)


5. Mrs.Sarika Yadav TGT (Maths)


6  Mr.Kiran Patel PRT



Salary / Arrears/Children Education Allowance/Medical / A/Cs Statement Checking

1.                 PGT (Eco)  -I/C

Checking the salary bill monthly and other account matter (Like DA, arrear, senior scale, cashbook and purchase procedure) Helping the office in the account matter.


2. Mr. S. R. Jhaveri, PGT(Comp Sci)


3. Mr. A. Khan, UDC


4  Mrs. Neelima S. TGT(So. Sci.)


5.                         - LDC



Press, Publicity, Publication & Invitation

1.   Mr.Bharti Sharma PGT (Hindi)   –I/C

Interaction with publishing agencies for advertisement of various activities like - tender invitation walk in interview etc.


2.   Mrs. Neelima S. TGT(So. Sci.)


3. Mrs. Rekha Dinkar, TGT(Hindi)


4.   Mr. S.R. Jhaver, PGT(Comp. Sci.).


5. Mrs. Urmila Rohit, PRT


6. Mr.Kiran Patel PRT



Teaching Aids

1.                               PGT (Eco.)     - I/C



2. Dr.B.K.Yadav  TGT (English)


3. Mrs.Dimple Solanki TGT (Art)


4. Mrs.Urmila Rohit PRT




1. Mrs. Dimple Sholanki, TGT(Art)– I/C

Arrangement of visuals and comeras for various activities of the vidyalaya. Arranging photography as per the calendar activities of CCE.


2. Mrs. Sweta Dadheech, TGT(Science)


3. Mr. Govind Makwana,  PRT(Music)   





Resource Centre

1.  Mrs. Mona Walter HM - I/C

Dynamic maintenance of resource centre. Procuring all materials which enhance the efficiency of resource centre. Beautification of resource centre.


2.  Mr. Govind  Makwana, PRT(Music)


3. Mrs. Monica Parmar, PRT



Scouts , Guides , Cubs & Bulbuls

1. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)

Enhancing maximum participation in scout & guides. Arranging various Scout & Guides Camps. Preparation of participants of Rashtrapati Puraskar.


2.  Mr. Govind Makwana, PRT(Music) - I/C


3. Mrs.Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)


4. Mrs.Dimple Solanki TGT (ART)


5. Mrs. Monika G. Parmar, PRT


6. Mrs. Vatsala Agnihotri, TGT(Skrt)


7.  Mrs. Hetal VaniaPRT


8. Mrs. Neeru Sangada, PRT


9. Mrs. Dipti Rathod, PRT



Students Alumni

1. Dr. B. K. Yadav, TGT(English) I/c

Establishment reports with Ex students of the vidyalaya. Organising alumni meet. Gaining help from the alumni in the upliftment of the vidyalaya infrastructure motivational lecture from the alumni.


2. Mr. M. R. Parmar, PGT (Comm.)


3. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


4. Mrs.Bharti Sharma PGT (Hindi)


5. Mrs. Neelima S, TGT (So. Sci.)



Purchase / Works Verification

1. Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)
2. Mr.M.R.Parmar PGT(Commerce)
3. Mrs. Darshana Gatne TGT -ENG
4. Mrs. Sangeeta Niranjan, Librarian
5. Mrs.Shweta Dadich TGT (Science)

Ensuring proper, fair, legal and ethical expenses of vidyalaya money in its upliftments, detecting out various works which enhance the beauty and efficiency of the vidyalaya




1 Mrs. Kanti Yadav, PRT                I/C

Proper implementation of CMP, organising various programme. Under CMP. Through evaluation of children for getting benefit of CMP.


2 Ms. Dipti Rathod, PRT


3. Mrs.Urmila Rohit, PRT



Wall Decoration of vidyalaya campus

1. Mrs. Bharti Sharma, PGT(Hindi)  I/c

Ensure proper sticking of appropriate material to enhance the beauty of vidyalaya.


2. Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)


3. Mrs. Sumita Biswas TGT (SST)


4. Mrs. Neelima S, TGT (So. Sci.)



Drinking Water arrangement

1 Mr.R.V.Meena PGT (Chemistry)    - I/C


2  Mr.R.P.Sharma TGT (Hindi)



3  MR.M.L.Meena PGT (Bio.)



4. Dr.B.K.Yadav TGT (English)



5. Mrs. Mona Walter, PRT



6. Mrs. Kanti Yadav, PRT


7.Mr.K.G.Tadvi Sub Staff


8. M. M. Rathod, Sub Staff


9. Mr. A. R. Jetwah, Sub Staff